sheila plot against brooke worked

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Shelia didn't make Ridge run and stick his tongue down Taylor's throat. She also didn't make him continue to lead Taylor on. Shelia got Brooke drunk but their actions after is all on them. Ridge needs to own his actions as well as Taylor, Brooke is the only one who has done that in this storyline.

Yup. Brooke has owned her s*it, per usual. The other two, just act like their s*it does not smell, per usual. But, Brooke is no dummy, I am sure she is can smell their stink a mile away. Brooke probably just figures, it is life with Ridge, per usual. LOL

The only reason she “owned her s*it” is because she got/gets caught. That’s how the hypocritical shrew rolls.

Nope, that is not how she rolls. She always owns her s*it. She never puts it off on someone else when she is caught or when she just tells it. The only ones that won't admit to anything they did are Taylor and Steffy, that is until they are absolutely caught. Even then, they try and dance around and pretend it is someone else's faults. Brooke never blames anyone else. THAT is the definition of owning your s*it.

Steffy tried to blackmail Brooke with video of the wall bang, Brooke owned her s*it and told Ridge herself and did not allow Steffy to get away with her blackmail scheme.

Steffy and Taylor ran to Ridge after they stole CCTV footage of Deacon leaving the house early in the morning, and they ust ASSumed that he and Brooke had sex and could not wait to get in Ridge's ear with it. When confronted Brooke owned her s*it and did not allow Ridge to put the blame on just Deacon. She OWNED it.

Taylor was making out with Hector in her marital bedroom and instead of owning it, she begged Brooke not to rat her out to Ridge. She told him herself, as a precursor to telling him she banged James 15 years earlier, but oops, just got around to telling him about it now. LOL And then she tried to pass it off as Brooke's fault she did it, because Brooke was always around and in Ridge's head. THAT is not owning your s*it. That is making excuses.

Great post.

Brooke was going to tell Ridge about the Deacon kiss but of course Taylor couldn't wait to tell him first.

Steffy and Taylor should have immediately apologized to Brooke for going to Ridge with false information, which was obtained by hacking into her home security system.

"I love you more than anything or anyone in the world. And I want you by my side for the rest of my life."

"You're the love of my life."

Liam to Hope. Debate over.

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