sheila plot against brooke worked

Riley, 6/23/2022, 1:43PM(608 days ago) @Liz

That's so funny because I thought Brooke was so cool yesterday. She didn't ask Ridge to stay. She went with the flow. She said very little, just smiled. Cool. Matter of fact. Relaxed. It was almost as if she's pulling away from Ridge. I'm taking this as a great sign.

Funny because I didn't perceive her as cool at all. Those smiles were loving smiles. And the stage directions in the leaked script for that first scene also said that "his concern means so much to her".
She only didn't ask him to stay because she knew that seeing Sheila behind bars again was currently his top priority, that he didn't really have time to think about reuniting with her right now. That's also why she asked him what brought him by, instead of assuming he had decided to come back to her when he suddenly showed up.

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