sheila plot against brooke worked

q, 6/24/2022, 9:20AM(617 days ago) @apbas88

Shelia didn't make Ridge run and stick his tongue down Taylor's throat. She also didn't make him continue to lead Taylor on. Shelia got Brooke drunk but their actions after is all on them. Ridge needs to own his actions as well as Taylor, Brooke is the only one who has done that in this storyline.

Yup. Brooke has owned her s*it, per usual. The other two, just act like their s*it does not smell, per usual. But, Brooke is no dummy, I am sure she is can smell their stink a mile away. Brooke probably just figures, it is life with Ridge, per usual. LOL

The only reason she “owned her s*it” is because she got/gets caught. That’s how the hypocritical shrew rolls.

Taylor owned killing Darla after getting caught. Taylor owned it after they found out she broke into another doctor's files. Did Taylor own shooting Bill in the back? Do her kids know she cheated on Ridge? taylor is queen of hypocrites.

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