sheila plot against brooke worked

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Someone said that they did not hold hands, yes they did, and then he said he had to go, and she was sitting there with her hand still in the air as he left.

I thought that made Brooke look REALLY PATHETIC once again, as she sat there with her little finger "still in the air" after Ridge just UP AND LEFT. He certainly was not 'savouring' that touch, or lingering on it, but poor Brooke was holding on FOR DEAR LIFE. Talk about an AIR-head.

I also notice that Ridge is not doing much with Taylor either anymore.

He isn't doing much with Brooke either anymore. He literally just DROPPED IN AND OUT today, to make sure she was ok. He's not a heartless monster, so I don't find it out of the ordinary that he wants to check on her EVEN FOR 10 MINUTES like he did today. Lol.

And Taylor SUCCESSFULLY prevented him from calling Brooke first the other day, at the office, and convinced him to call Li instead. ;-)

Taylor's sway over Ridge still holds.

P.S - I'm not saying any of this maliciously to YOU (matisse) by the way. :-) Brooke is the object of my critique here. Not you.

But he's married to Brooke, invested in that marriage, and shows absolutely no inclination to end the marriage.

the only ones anxious to end that marriage are Dummy and the Dummettes aka Taylor and the TaterTots.

I am starting to think he would be very content to live at Eric's the rest of his life, having Dummy bring him Lo Mein from Santa Barbara, and tell him how wonderful and marvelous he is, all while he is telling Brooke how much he loves her. The dude has yet to tell Taylor that he still loves her too, whenever she says it to him. In fact, I probably missed it, but has he even told her or the Brats, or Eric or anyone that he still loves Taylor?

Nope. He hasn't.

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