sheila plot against brooke worked

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Someone said that they did not hold hands, yes they did, and then he said he had to go, and she was sitting there with her hand still in the air as he left.

I thought that made Brooke look REALLY PATHETIC once again, as she sat there with her little finger "still in the air" after Ridge just UP AND LEFT. He certainly was not 'savouring' that touch, or lingering on it, but poor Brooke was holding on FOR DEAR LIFE. Talk about an AIR-head.

I also notice that Ridge is not doing much with Taylor either anymore.

He isn't doing much with Brooke either anymore. He literally just DROPPED IN AND OUT today, to make sure she was ok. He's not a heartless monster, so I don't find it out of the ordinary that he wants to check on her EVEN FOR 10 MINUTES like he did today. Lol.

And Taylor SUCCESSFULLY prevented him from calling Brooke first the other day, at the office, and convinced him to call Li instead. ;-)

Taylor's sway over Ridge still holds.

P.S - I'm not saying any of this maliciously to YOU (matisse) by the way. :-) Brooke is the object of my critique here. Not you.

I didn't think you were directing it toward me. LOL. ;-)

I don't agree that Brooke looked pathetic, she looked glad to see him and not once did I hear her ask him about coming home. Nor, did she try and "aw shucks" him or punch him in the arm to show him she is just a "folksy gal" who just "really likes him, really, really" LOL.

I win this thing either way IMO. And that was kind of the vibe I got from the scene yesterday. If Ridge goes back to his fallback position, Brooke wins. She will get to be wooed by Bill and he will be doing some great wooing, and while all that wooing is happening Ridge will be seething and coming around trying to stop that wooing from happening. And Taylor will be watching from the couch while she slurps her noodles and tries to figure out how to hang on to Ridge now. One thing Taylor knows and understands is that an indifferent Brooke is more powerful than a Brooke that is chasing Ridge. Taylor has been there, done that with Ridge, more than once. And, it never ended well for her.

So, for me its a win either way. TK is really growing on me as Ridge so I want Bridge to happen, but if not, I loathe Taylor and have for years. She never ever OWNS any of the criminal things she has pulled or any of the snarky stuff she has pulled. So, the next best thing will be watching her be miserable while watching Ridge be miserable over Brooke going on with her life with Bill, hopefully. The cherry on the top of that sundae would be if Bill asked Brooke what she wanted for a wedding gift and she told him "tell the cops that Taylor shot you" LOL.

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