sheila plot against brooke worked

matisse, 6/22/2022, 11:44PM(609 days ago) @pbfan123- 3 people liked this

just watching brooke and ridge today they are nowhere close to getting back together

I just watched the show. He was fine, he told her he would always protect her. She is no wimp and he can see that too. Someone said that they did not hold hands, yes they did, and then he said he had to go, and she was sitting there with her hand still in the air as he left. They looked at each other with love, and unlike Taylor, Brooke seems strong and able to take care of herself, and Ridge saw that in her. She even said if Sheila showed at the door, she would call the cops before she called him, and he laughed. What I got from the scene was it was reworked to accommodate KKL's injury. I also still maintain this is only the 2nd day after the noodle slurp, arm punching fest, at Eric's house. I also notice that Ridge is not doing much with Taylor either anymore. His scenes with her in the office were her showing up uninvited, they find out about Sheila escaping, they call Li, and Ridge immediately talks about Brooke. We will not see Bridge reunited until after MC, but I am guessing we won't be seeing much with Tridge either, except them being there when Sinn is reunited. I think they are going to take Finn to Steffy, and their "scenes" will be with Finn on the plane, and watching Steffy and Finn seeing each other. JMO

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