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How Google uses data when you visit this site

Data, collected by the hosting company
The company that hosts this website, collects several points of data in their server logs. This data includes:

the IP address of the requesting website visitor
the time of the request
the URL of the requested page
The browsers user agent string, telling the browser type and version and usually the operating system and its version
the HTTP status code for the request
the referrer of the request, which is the information about where the visitor came from
This data is collected for technical and legal reasons by the hosting company. The website operator has no influence on this collection. The website operator uses the data from the logfile to improve the functionality of the website i.e. by identifying dead links.

Visiting the site
When you visit the site we set a maximum of three cookies at once. The cookie data will only be transmitted between your browser and the webserver, where the forum software runs on. The cookie data will not be transmitted to third parties.

A session cookie to identify the visitor inside the forum software. The program does not work without the cookie. The cookie will get removed from your browser when you close the browser program.
A cookie with the information about the last visit of the forum. With the cookie the forum software marks new forum entries that was created after your last visit. The forum software does work without the cookie. The cookie has a lifetime of 30 days.
A cookie with a visitors forum settings. The cookie contains a few settings you as a visitor set for yourself. The forum software does work without the cookie. The cookie has a lifetime of 30 days. As a registered user, this cookie will not be set.
A cookie to identify a registered user and to login automatically. The forum software does work without the cookie. The cookie has a lifetime of 30 days. As an unregistered visitor, this cookie will not be set.
You are able to reject cookies in the settings of your browser. Some functions of the forum software depends on the one or another cookie so in the case of not accepted cookies the namely functions will not work. The forum software in general does work without accepting cookies.

Additionally the forum software stores the IP-address and the timestamp of a browser request for ten minutes to count the users, that are visiting the forum (users-online-function). This data gets removed from the forums database ten minutes after the last request from the IP. The forum stores no further data about the visitor on the forum server when the visitor takes no further actions.

Registration at the World of the Bold and the Beautiful
You are able to register for an account on the site to take part in discussions in the forum. To open an account you have to provide a pseudonym user name, a valid e-mail-address for verification of the account and for getting informations about replies to your postings per e-mail and a password. The forum software will store your IP with the account data to be able to identify the attempt to open a spam account and for the case of legal issues.

You can optionally add further personal information to your user profile after the registration. Doing this, is not mandatory. You are able to remove all optional information in your profile yourself. The exception is the user name and the e-mail-address because this data is necessary to operate the forum account.

If you visit the forum as a registered user and if you use the autologin feature, the forum software sets an additional cookie with a token for the autologin as mentioned above. If you don't accept cookies or if you remove the cookies at the end of your browser session (both is possible with browser settings), this function will not work. Furthermore the cookie for the users own forum settings will not be set for registered users.

Posting in the forum
When posting, your IP address get stored with your entry to be able to identify spam postings and for the case of legal issues.

We use the service of Akismet to identify spam attempts and to prevent them to be posted at the forum. We transfer the e-mail-address and the posting content to the service of Akismet. Furthermore we use Stop Forum Spam to identify spam. We transfer the e-mail-address and the IP of the visitor to the service of Stop Forum Spam.

Posting as a registered user
As a registered user the pseudonym is taken from your user data. You can activate the checkbox to be contactable via the personal-contact-function but like for unregistered users, posting in the forum, the e-mail-address stays hidden from the other visitors of the forum.

E-mail-address, personal-contact-function and contact form of the forum software
Other visitors of the forum can read only your user name and the optionally personal informations you provided but can not read your e-mail-address. This rule applies also for the case, that you wants to be contactable over the forums personal-contact-function. The function is realised via e-mail but the counterpart in the conversation who wants to contact you will not be able to read your e-mail-address, if the conversation is processed over the forums function. If you answer to an e-mail directly with your e-mail-client, your counterpart will be able to read your e-mail-address.

If you contact the forum operator over the contact form, you have to provide an e-mail-address so the operator is able to answer your request.

Your message will get transmitted only to the recipient of the e-mail, regardless of contacting the forum operator or a different user. No data of the conversation get stored on the forum server.

Your rights as the subject of the collection of personal data
The right of information about the collected personal data and it's usage.
The right of access to the collected personal data.
The right of transferring the collected personal data.
The right of erasure (right to be forgotten). The right for correction of the stored personal data.
The right of constriction of the processing of the stored personal data.
The right of cancellation of the processing of the stored personal data.
Please contact the forum operator to exercise your rights.

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