sheila plot against brooke worked

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He isn't doing much with Brooke either anymore. He literally just DROPPED IN AND OUT today, to make sure she was ok. He's not a heartless monster, so I don't find it out of the ordinary that he wants to check on her EVEN FOR 10 MINUTES like he did today. Lol.

It was definitely much longer than 10 minutes, given that Quinn had enough time to talk to Wyatt at the mansion and then drive to FC to see Carter while Ridge was still with Brooke.
And I even agree it isn't out of the ordinary that he wanted to check on Brooke. But it also wouldn't have been out of the ordinary to check on Taylor at the cliff house, especially since it was much more probable that Sheila would have shown up there than at Brooke's. So those Bridge scenes actually meant something, especially since they were the first scenes KKL filmed after her injury, the first scenes with her in an episode whose other parts had been filmed long before that Bell didn't cut out or where he didn't replace Brooke with another character. If they didn't mean anything, he could have rewritten those scenes as Ridge checking on Taylor instead or even on Thomas, but he didn't.

And Taylor SUCCESSFULLY prevented him from calling Brooke first the other day, at the office, and convinced him to call Li instead. ;-)

Taylor's sway over Ridge still holds.

Lol. For a change, Taylor actually made a valid point that Li was in much more danger of being Sheila's target than Brooke. So Ridge agreeing with her and calling Brooke after Li had nothing to do with Taylor holding a sway over him. Anyone else could have made that point and his reaction would have been the same.

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