Liam said Hope fell of the pedestal

CarolineSpencerForever, 5/25/2023, 10:50PM(272 days ago) @Tiqui1999

I see so many similarities too. Hope is Taylor. Liam is Ridge. Thomas is James. Taylor and Brooke were rebounds after Caroline died, but the reason why he stayed with Taylor for so long is because he thought she was perfect, honest, loyal with morals. He loved Brooke more but stayed with Taylor because he thought she'd never lie to him. Ridge put Taylor on a pedestal for years but when she fell, she fell hard. He didn't dump her because she cheated with James but because she lied and continued to judge Brooke at the same time. Her hypocrisy is what changed TRIDGE forever, they were never the same again after this reveal. He never saw Taylor the same way again, all his reunions with her were based on lies. Her halo disappeared forever. I foresee something similar for Hope. Liam always thought she had more morals than himself and Steffy and would never lie or cheat. Having feelings for someone he hates and lying to him about them will be the undoing of her marriage. She will fall of her pedestal hard, and he'll realize she is no better than Steffy, Brooke or anyone else.

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