Liam said Hope fell of the pedestal

Tiqui1999 @, 5/25/2023, 10:44PM(16 days ago) @KKLBAB12

Liam has literally put her on a pedestal from the beginning. Hope isn't perfect and never has been. No one is. Hope was right about 1 thing today. Hope has put up with Steffy and Liam for years and years. And they DID sleep together and a paternity test was involved. Thope hasn't done anything. Hope is being indicted for something in her head. That's harsh Liam.
Liam better not push too hard. Or he may not like the outcome.

Liam didn't put Hope on a pedestal. She was already there curtesy of her line and the morals of her line when he met her. He went along with the pedestal. She is the one who went on about being a virgin before marriage. He supported that until Steffy, so no. that's was Hope's pedestal that she built.

I wish someone would tell Hope that she doesn't have to walk around pretending to be perfect then.

Hope did not say she's had to put up with Steffy and Liam for years. Hope said he got to see his ex, but she couldn't work with her designer. That is not the same thing as what you wrote above.

No, "Thope" hasn't done anything. Hope has. No, it's not just in her head. She is actively seeking time with this man and letting him touch her.

Yeah, if Liam pushes "too hard" and she proves him right, I say bravo for getting the truth out of her, Liam.

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