Liam said Hope fell of the pedestal

Tiqui1999 @, 5/25/2023, 11:08PM(16 days ago) @KKLBAB12

I'm just not liking the way either of them are handling this.
They aren't communicating. They aren't talking. It's a recipe for disaster. Now she's got Thomas in her head. It's like he's her personal brand of heroin and she's addicted to him now. She's got to satisfy herself not realizing the cost. As far as Liam goes, I will say I don't like him discussing anything about his marriage with Steffy. Steffy hates Hope deep down because of Brooke so anything she says has a drop of venom attached to it.
This must be between them now and on one else.

But Hope told Steffy to convince Liam of Hope's view. And this episode, when Liam said Steffy had defended Thomas, Hope readily asked him to believe Steffy. I find it interesting that if Steffy says what Hope wants her to say, then it's fine for him to talk to Steffy but if not, then there's a problem with him talking to Steffy.

It's not going to be between them and no one else because Hope will run and tell Thomas. Thomas has been in the middle of Hope and Liam's relationship since MA came on the set, and Hope is wrong for that.

She told Liam today that she wasn't the teenager he'd met. Well, he's not the goofy IT guy she met either. They are now married, and she needs to stop acting like a teenager and be a mature wife.

She said she was a mother and a woman. She never said today that she was a "wife."

Hope is so wrong.

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