Liam said Hope fell of the pedestal

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Liam has literally put her on a pedestal from the beginning. Hope isn't perfect and never has been. No one is. Hope was right about 1 thing today. Hope has put up with Steffy and Liam for years and years. And they DID sleep together and a paternity test was involved. Thope hasn't done anything. Hope is being indicted for something in her head. That's harsh Liam.
Liam better not push too hard. Or he may not like the outcome.

Thope HAS done something. If Liam's mistakes with Steffy from years ago are still brought up by Hope, then Hope's mistakes with Thomas should be brought up as well. Hope annulled her marriage to Liam and married Thomas.She broke her vows for Thomas. She promised Liam to stay with him forever in her vows, and she still left him for Thomas. Hope also allowed Thomas to kiss 3 times while she was still married to Liam. Just because she lied about these 3 kisses and therefore Liam never found, doesn't mean they didn't happen. Thope kissed 3 times and covered it up. Yes, Hope got away with everything but it still happened. She cheated on Liam with Thomas in several different ways and got a pass.

Thope IS doing something today. A long-term emotional affair is as damaging as a regretful drunken ONS. She was leaning for a kiss twice in San Francisco and then in the plane after the massage. Thomas not taking advantage and the pilot interrupting Hope twice are the only reasons they haven't locked lips yet. And she is lying about her feelings while demanding honesty about Liam's for Steffy. This is something. And that's only for Thomas. If Hope wants to compare Thope to Steam, she might as well bring up ALL her past with Wyatt and Oliver. There were a lot of lies, cheating and heartbreak from Hope's part during these triangles. She slept with Wyatt and married him in Monaco before she broke up her engagement with Liam. If Hope is still allowed to bring up Liam and Steffy's past even for very old mistakes, then Hope's past should be held against her the same way.

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