So Hope thinks it’s okay as long as Ridge doesn’t know

Grannysmith, 8/5/2022, 8:28PM(618 days ago) @ShortandSassy

It was Brooke’s decision…not Hope’s. To accept and want Ridge back…to tell her and Deacon they cannot meet on her property. Hope completely disregarded her mother’s feelings and her mothers demand basically – it wasn’t a request. I’m sure Hope thinks she knows what’s best for her mother and well she might but Brooke has remained sober and vital and capable of making her own decisions. I do not think it was Hope’s right to disregard what her mother wants. But if that’s what she’s going to do, then don’t be a sneak about it. Tell your mother that you called daddy and told him Ridge is on a plane so he can come over now to play with her and Brooke. Just tell your mother that if you’re so sure what you did is right. I really don’t like sneakiness. Let alone that Hope seems to think it’s just fine and so does Deacon if they do this - break Brooke’s word to Ridge -voluntarily decided by Brooke -no matter how ill advised or unnecessary it was… as long as they do it behind Ridge’s back. They thought they were being cute but instead they were being insulting and disrespectful to Brooke. Let Brooke come to her own decisions…about her own property…and her own relationships.

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