So Hope thinks it’s okay as long as Ridge doesn’t know

ShortandSassy, 8/6/2022, 3:54PM(186 days ago) @BBfanforever

Bell writes the storylines, I'm going to go with the spoilers he puts out. He also has TK saying that he wants to be married to Brooke and that it's her choice to stay married to him. The script stated Ridge wanted to be Hope's father and he wanted to design her wedding dress even after that Aspen wedding. Ridge and Steffy are the CEO and they think Hope does a wonderful job at the company. The fact that a college drop out is running a company says that you don't have to be college educated. The most wonderful thing about Stephanie Forrester was the fact she knew class came from within each person regardless of money level, education, or gender and she was classy enough to treated them alike even the homeless.

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