So Hope thinks it’s okay as long as Ridge doesn’t know

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Yes she did before she started the internship
She mentionned Steffy wouldn’t like it

I honestly don't remember that, I will try to look it up. But even if she already suspected that Steffy wouldn't like it, this doesn't make her sneaky or means she wormed her way into a company founded by the family of the man she had been calling dad for years and of her three siblings. Everyone in the family but Steffy loved having her there. Plus, it's not like Steffy was already CEO at that time and Hope begged a lower ranked executive to hire her behind Steffy's back. She got that internship fair and square.

HOPE was the one envious… she wanted to work at FC and Ridge to play her dad, to marry at the FORRESTER mansion … she’s a Forrester parasite like her mom

So the fact that an internship at FC meant she could work side by side with her mom, her dad, her brother and her aunts and learn a lot about fashion had nothing to do with her desire to get that internship, it was all about wanting to stick it to Steffy because she was envious of her? Seriously? Nothing in the narrative ever suggested anything like that. It's just a myth that was made up to justify Steffy's bullying of Hope in that storyline.

Treating Hope like a daughter and having her call him dad was Ridge's own decision when Hope was still a toddler! So how could Hope have been envious and wanted Ridge to play her dad when he had already been her dad for more than a decade before she even started working at FC? Steffy was clearly the envious one in this storyline, unable to accept that Hope had her own line while she didn't, that Hope had a boyfriend while she didn't, that she was the one who had to follow Hope's orders while doing PR for HFTF instead of being the one to order Hope around and that she could only spend time with her dad at work while Hope could see him at home and at work.
I can even understand that Steffy felt treated unfairly. But life isn't always fair, and being treated unfairly doesn't give you a free pass to bully the person that has everything you want for yourself, especially when that person was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time and never did anything underhanded to get there.
And Hope wanting to get married in the Forrester mansion has nothing to do with the storyline in 2010 that my post was about.

Hope was handed a job she didn’t deserve and wasn’t smart enough to realise she didn’t come with the concept …
I like bright witty people She’s not
No education no talent no brain no guts
Typically the kind of people I despise

She was naive. But if she wasn't bright and had no brain, she wouldn't have got that scholarship for an Ivy League college on the East Coast. And if she wasn't talented, HFTF would never have created so much buzz. Not everyone could successfully have pulled off the job of a spokesmodel just like that, without any kind of experience, especially when she hadn't even come up with the concept herself. And if you do such a good job, then you fully deserve that position too, even without any prior achievements.

Hope GLOATED she had Ridge at home …

Never happened. All she did was ask Steffy if she was really that jealous that "dad chose my family over yours" (meaning Brooke over Taylor, not herself over Steffy) after Steffy had just played a mean girl prank on her for no apparent reason. There was no gloating at all. She even expressed empathy in the next sentence by telling Steffy "I know it hurts, okay?". But Steffy only responded by tearing into her for calling Ridge dad.

I don’t have the patience to search for the transcript showing Hope was aware Steffy wouldn’t be happy to see her at FC from the start. That’s why in my opinion SHE started the war then she couldn’t bear the fire she created

I don't think the mere fact that Hope wanted that internship even though she knew her stepsister wouldn't be happy about it meant she was starting a war. On the contrary, she saw this as a chance to prove herself to Steffy and improve their relationship. No one knew how deep Steffy's issues really were. There was every reason to believe she would deal with her new coworker professionally like the adult she was instead of acting like a high-school girl even younger than Hope.

Hope isn’t Steffy s sister. She’s a Forrester wannabe only there bc her mother boinked the FC CEO Eric or Rudge

Hope and Steffy are stepsisters who also share a biological brother. They were even raised in the same household for years. They are family, no matter how much you hate that fact.
And Brooke already had Forrester kids before Hope was born, so even if Brooke had never been with another Forrester in Hope's life, Hope would still have a connection to this family.

Great post. That story was mainly about Katie sticking it to Steffy for going after her husband. Hope was not jealous of Steffy.

Hope was the mean step sister trying to take a place she didn’t deserve in the Forrester family, Steffys place
Just like Brooke was the mean step mother hating her husband s children
FC isn’t a Logan legacy but Forrester and Douglas’

It was the other way around. I remember scenes of Steffy nastily going after Hope, telling her that she wasn't part of the family and Ridge was not her father.

Wish is just the truth. The twiit wanted to be Steffy’s equal in the Forrester family and she’s NOT

Then she systematically went after Hope's boyfriends. Who could forget "Pretend I'm Hope"? Steffy was consumed with jealousy of Hope.

As If Of she wanted to be the SFTV and bartender s child when she was a Forrester princess … funny
You can’t be jealous of someone you despise and consider no more than a mosquito or a cockroach you can’t be rid of.
Just like Stephanie was never jealous of Brooke, a woman she considered was no better than a streetwalker … some are attractive and get men’s attention too … You only can be envious of people you look up too
Steffy just wanted to teach Hope a lesson after she wormed her way in FC ans gloated she had Steffy s father full time … until HE too put her in her place

Hope doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Steffy, on the other hand, is a shrieking shrew who has deliberately gone after other women's men, often using her body and dirty manipulations and who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, no matter who gets hurt.

"Pretend I'm Hope" is all I'll ever need to hear regarding the question of who is jealous of who.

And "what about meeeeee" when Ridge told her he's staying with Brooke and RJ and Hope.

That's what drives everything Steffy does. How it can be good for her while not giving a crap about anyone else.

"I love you more than anything or anyone in the world. And I want you by my side for the rest of my life."

"You're the love of my life."

Liam to Hope. Debate over.

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