So Hope thinks it’s okay as long as Ridge doesn’t know

Riley, 8/5/2022, 7:27PM(113 days ago) @BBfanforever- 2 people liked this

She’s always been sneaky … remember how she wormed her way in FC, using her mother and aunt position, behind Ridge s back, KNOWING Steffy wouldn’t like it but playing the poor hurt step sister … I do.

She didn't KNOW that Steffy wouldn't like it. She truly believed Steffy would be happy too about HFTF's success since this meant even more profit for FC. She was a naive 17-year-old girl who had no idea that her stepsister Steffy, who she had always looked up to, could be that selfish and envious.

And she never wormed her way into FC in the first place. All she ever asked for was an internship for a few weeks before graduating from high school and going to college on the East Coast. She never felt entitled to anything else but that internship, she just happened to be given a chance by her aunt Katie that no intern would ever refuse. Katie was the one with ulterior motives in this storyline, not Hope. Katie was the one who used Hope (to get back at Steffy for pursuing Bill), not the other way round. And except for Katie's initial offer, nothing happened behind Ridge's back. Ridge was thrilled about having Hope stay at FC beyond her internship and even assigned Steffy to do PR for HFTF instead of having her continue her own line.

Just because Steffy thought Hope was a sneaky person who was trying to take over Phoebe's place in the company and take everything else away from her too, including her father, doesn't mean there was any truth to her claims. It was clearly shown on screen that Hope never had any intention to hurt Steffy but was even hoping that working together on HFTF would make them grow closer as sisters. She was simply too naive to see why Steffy would feel threatened by her.

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