So Hope thinks it’s okay as long as Ridge doesn’t know

BBfanforever, 8/6/2022, 12:12PM(617 days ago) @Drangonfly

Yesterday she was apologetic about posting the photo and was seemingly concerned she caused a problem for her mother and Ridge because of the photo. But then a bit later she called her daddy to tell him Ridge was on a plane and therefore the coast was clear for him to come and visit her…and thereby Brooke…on Brooke’s property despite Brooke’s telling both of them Deacon is no longer welcome there.

I thought Hope was a person of such high moral standards. Apparently she’s of the “if nobody sees or finds out then it doesn’t count” school of thought. She was so nonchalant and actually I thought flippant when Deacon arrived as if she had done nothing wrong. Hope SAYS she wants her mother to be with Ridge since that is what Brooke wants…but it’s pretty clear she doesn’t mean that. Passive aggressive.

I’m not concerned here about the Ridge-Taylor kiss or all of Ridge’s many faults. The kiss is not yet on the table but it soon will be. And Ridge’s faults don’t play into this because then Hope would be saying two wrongs make a right…and that proves my point…hat Hope seems to think she has done nothing wrong. I’m just surprised she thinks sneaking is a fine way to act.

When did Hope tell Deacon that Ridge was on a plane and so Deacon could come by and visit Hope at Brooke's house? Which episode was that? I missed it.

I don't remember that either. Deacon did say that he heard from Hope that Ridge was out of the country but nothing about Hope telling him it was safe to come over.

Yeah, I heard him say he'd heard through the grapevine. He pointed at Hope. But he said "I thought I'd take this chance" to come over. So he came up with the visit all by himself. I will say that Hope probably needs to stop talking to Deacon about her mom and Ridge. It's not helping if Deacon takes things she says and makes moves on it.

Yes, I think Hope could be more forceful with Deacon. Although, as a viewer that can't stand Ridge, I kinda love it that she's not. :-D

We’ll Hope probably secretly likes her parents interacting. The Tots sure do.

I'm sure she does. And it would be normal. She isn't scheming and trying to break them up, though, like Steffy and Thomas are doing with Bridge.

What did they ACTUALLY DO except expressing their wish to see him back with Taylor bc he was happier ?
hiding Ridge s phone for 30 minutes ? Not allowing Brooke in Steffy s house after Ridge walked on Brooke
Ah yes they collected evidences of Brooke’s LIES and gave them to Ridge …
This wasn’t made up contrary to Bill s real manipulations to wreck Steam

Getting a FC employee to hack into Brooke's private home security system isn't scheming? Of course it is.

no it’s investing to get PROOFS
Scheming would have been fabricating evidence

Hiding a phone and blocking Brooke from seeing her husband is also scheming and manipulating.

Please … Brooke pursued Ridge the day after … there was no consequence
Brooke hide Caroline s letter for days but that was fine bc she finally got it the morning of her wedding wasn’t it ?

I remember how jubilant they were when they thwarted Brooke. Steffy told Thomas "nice work" and Thomas did that cornball jumping high five. Why were they celebrating if they weren't scheming?

They were happy the lying witch wouldn’t be able to force herself where she was not wanted

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