Two Days, Two Duds (Spoilers)

theduchess, 4/2/2024, 6:31PM(18 days ago) @Liz

For the last two days I've only read the recaps not watched the episode and I haven't missed a thing. Today's show was marginally better because of Deacon but I don't need to see Liam's fake sympathy for Hope or Steffy continuing to bash Hope or Hope & vanilla Finn in the same space. Just a whole bunch of no thanks.

Hope and Liam are done. I think show is responding to Beth fans who feel as if Liam and Hope love their other kids more than Beth.

so they throw in a token scene even though it comes off disingenuous, yikes

I find SC's scenes with the kids great. He's a natural dad. All the kids look like they really enjoy being around him.

yeah his part looked natural, the "we're a happy fam" bit with smiley hope, not so much lol

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