Two Days, Two Duds (Spoilers)

theduchess, 4/2/2024, 6:16PM(18 days ago) @Liz- one person liked this

For the last two days I've only read the recaps not watched the episode and I haven't missed a thing. Today's show was marginally better because of Deacon but I don't need to see Liam's fake sympathy for Hope or Steffy continuing to bash Hope or Hope & vanilla Finn in the same space. Just a whole bunch of no thanks.

Liam's sympathy is not the least bit fake. That he can even muster sympathy for his cheating wife is a mystery to me. I've actually enjoyed the past two days. No Thomas and no Thope is a big winner for me.

right? and all while she chirps about loving the dude she cheated with to the man she cheated on, hope has zero class

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