Chapchick @, 3/18/2023, 2:58PM(399 days ago) @Sammy

Over the years Phoebe has crossed my mind. I did like Phoebe. She seem to be Taylor and Ridge’s only child that was actually a good person. Why did the need to kill her off? She was the only decent one.
It wasn’t Rick. He wasn’t the reason. Taylor was just as involved with Rick as Rick was Taylor. Phoebe was Taylor’s daughter. Taylor had the bigger responsibility not to get involved with Rick
Regardless, what was the point in killing her off. I really just didn’t see the need. I think it would have been better to keep Phoebe. She was the only one that didn’t have a vendetta with the Logans. She loved Brooke
Bell just can’t have some normalcy on the show

Karma for the way she played Harry and Shane off against each other

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