Sammy, 3/18/2023, 7:11PM(10 days ago) @Kammie

Bless her little heart.... I really do not blame Rick at all. Phoebe was too immature for Rick. She played virginal games and she expected him to be longing for her after she dumped him and to be waiting for her to return She would still be alive if her mommy hadn't slept with the man she was in love with. That buried rage inside her just came bubbling up. We all know that Taylor wanted that relationship because it served her purpose to tick off Brooke. She paid the price by losing her daughter. Sure Rick kissed Steffy, but he had moved on. Kinda like another girl who was sacrificed because of Taylor and Steffy. I see a lot of similarities between Phoebe and Ally's deaths.

Great post! Exactly the truth

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