Liam can be cordial with Thomas. Ridge can't be with Deacon

Viola, 1/14/2022, 3:45PM(11 days ago) @Tiqui1999- one person liked this

Liam was not 100% coridal with Thomas

He was 100% cordial, just not 100% friendly, and why should he be? Thomas kept the truth of Beth from them, for a short time, granted, but he also chased after Hope.

He doesn't have to be 100% cordial, you're right, and the OP never said he was 100%. The OP said "Liam can be cordial" and that in no way indicated 100% of the time. And you're right Liam doesn't have to be, either.

Liam was even cordial to Deacon. It's just how it is. Be respectful. I don't know why Ridge can't.


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