Scott Novick☑ ⌂ @, New York, 9/29/2022, 2:24AM(511 days ago)

After removing several threads over the last few days for this, I think a reminder is in order. The Board Rules clearly explain how spoilers can be posted:

>> Spoilers must be labeled with SPOILER in the subject line, but the subject line should not contain anything about the spoiler itself. You should also choose the SPOILER category when creating a spoiler post to make it easy for forum members to filter those posts. Some people don't want to be spoiled, so they should be able to visit the board without seeing tons of spoiler info in front of them. A spoiler is anything happening on the show that has not aired yet.

That last part is extremely important. If you're talking about something you have heard is going to happen, but it hasn't yet, you are SPOILING the upcoming event by openly revealing the information in a general post or even a subject line.

Please pay attention. If people want to discuss spoilers, they should do so in a way where those who don't want to know what happens until they watch can avoid those threads.

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