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You MUST agree to the terms of use in order to participate in this forum. If you are being asked to agree after having already accepted the terms then one or more of your posts has been found in violation of these terms. Failure to follow these terms of use may result in loss of access privileges to this site.

This forum was created to allow fans of the daytime drama The Bold & the Beautiful to voice their opinions about the show. The show has many fans, which means that there will be different opinions and perceptions of events on the show. All opinions are welcome, and no one opinion is right or wrong, or better or worse than someone else's.

Please be respectful of others. While you are allowed to disagree with others' opinions, do so without any criticism or comments directed towards the poster offering that opinion. Mocking or otherwise insulting other posters for their opinions is not allowed. Don't post anything that is designed specifically to be inflammatory to other posters. Pornographic, vulgar, or sexually explicit language and all other attempts to use words that have been blocked by the word filter are also not permitted, including abbreviations or acronyms for such words.

Please keep your comments within a thread focused on the topic specified in that thread's subject line. For example, if a thread is about Brooke's behavior today, don't add replies about things that Steffy did. If your reply drifts from a thread's topic, please start a new thread about that new subject.

Subject lines should be brief, accurate descriptions of the post that follows and should not require someone to open the post to get more information. Descriptive subjects reduce the chances of duplicate threads and make it easier for people to decide what they do/don't want to read.

Negative personal comments about real people are not allowed; that includes other posters, fanbases, actors, and the staff of the show. Constructive criticism of performances, wardrobe, hairstyles, or make-up is allowed, as is a commentary on the direction of the storylines, but do so without name-calling, accusations, or insults about the actors or creative staff.

Using nicknames to refer to characters is allowed, whether the nicknames have been used on the show or not. The exceptions to this are:

  • Nicknames that use pornographic, racist, vulgar, or sexually explicit language.
  • Nicknames that bastardize characters' names, such as calling Liam "Lame," Hope "Ho", or the Logan family "The HOgans".

Baiting Posts are not allowed. A baiting post is one that contains clear and explicit language that is directed toward a target poster or group of posters. The fact that a post contains a negative opinion or perspective of a character you like is not baiting.

Spoilers must be labeled with SPOILER in the subject line, but the subject line should not contain anything about the spoiler itself. You should also choose the SPOILER category when creating a spoiler post to make it easy for forum members to filter those posts. Some people don't want to be spoiled, so they should be able to visit the board without seeing tons of spoiler info in front of them. A spoiler is anything happening on the show that has not aired yet.

If you plan to start a new thread, please scan the board to see if there is another thread on that topic. Duplicate threads may be removed or merged in order to avoid multiple conversations on the same topic.

Please make sure to keep your email address current; an account with an invalid email address will be suspended without notice.

Creating multiple accounts is against the terms of service, and can result in all related accounts being banned.

While you are free to post short excerpts of blogs and articles or other copyrighted material, posting entire articles or large portions of copyrighted material without full written consent of the copyright holder is expressly forbidden. Copyright laws pertain to the expression of an idea, and not information or ideas themselves. So while it is acceptable to re-post information that you find elsewhere in your own words, copying someone else's original works of authorship are protected by copyright.

Posts about ratings or polls are allowed, but please do not include any language directed at those who conducted or participated in the polls or surveys. Observations about how ratings change from week to week are fine, but avoid conclusions about "rating killer" characters or stories or what the ratings prove about who is watching.

Please avoid language in posts such as “What show are you watching?” or “Are we watching the same show?” when disagreeing with someone's opinion. The show is written to allow for different perceptions, so someone not seeing the show the same way you do doesn't mean they're watching something else.

Please keep your posts focused on your opinions about the show. Speak for yourself and not for others. Comments about what you saw on other boards, in magazines, or on social media should stay in those venues.

Please do not create posts that are racist, discriminatory, or political in nature. Please think carefully when posting about topical news items (e.g. COVID-19, systemic inequality) and try to keep such posts only focused on the show itself; it's not that these items are unimportant, but there are better places to post them than a soap forum.

Quoting the previous post helps keep a reply in context with its parent post, but try to edit the quote down to keep only the relevant parts in your reply. If you're 10 generations deep in replies, you don't need to have all 10 previous posts in your quote.

Off-topic posts are allowed and should be tagged as such using the "Off-Topic" category. Please think carefully about starting an off-topic post that could result in lengthy replies that dominate the board and push off threads about the show. Management might elect to remove an off-topic thread with no notice if warranted.

This forum is not actively monitored. If you believe any of these rules have been violated, please report the post by clicking on the [image]report link in the lower right-hand corner of the post. It may take up to 24 hours for a post that has been reported to be addressed, if necessary.

YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE TO A REPORT! All reported posts will be dealt with as appropriate. If a post is removed, it should not be reposted. If posts that appear to be against the rules are not removed, that is not an indication that it is acceptable to ignore that rule.

Please do not report posts based on inaccuracies. Just as in common conversation, people will say things that are inaccurate or incorrect. whether intentional or not, and it's not a moderator or admin's job to play fact-checker or police posts. This is a discussion forum, not a history class, and even the show has contained inaccurate or incorrect items in scripts. If you see something that's not correct, respond to the post with the correction, but avoid any criticism or comments about the poster that made the statement.

Any violation of these rules will be dealt with as management deems appropriate, up to and including permanent removal of your permission to participate on this site.

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