Was this a one night only offer? (Spoilers)

Barbybo, 9/15/2021, 6:44AM(35 days ago) @matisse

I got to thinking about the dialogue, and I wonder if Eric gave Carter and Quinn a one-night-only offer. I'm not saying he wouldn't have given them ANOTHER one in the future, but I don't think he gave them carte blanche to screw at any time they feel like it.

Quinn was saying Eric still wanted to be her husband but he wanted Carter and her --

"To be together tonight," Carter concluded. Carter also said, "He said tonight's ours."

Why does Carter just say tonight? Why not say "To continue our affair" or "To have an intimate life together." Why just single out one night?

I think it might be due to the spoiler that Ridge will have Justin find out that Quinn and Carter are sleeping together. And if Eric is under the belief that he offered the one night, and Quarter turned it down, maybe he won't be able to forgive if they do it behind his back.

Eric said, "The night is yours if you want it." He didn't say the deal is yours or anything like that. Maybe that's why he didn't iron out any details. He was just offering the night? At the same time, he was talking about her not giving up that aspect of her life, so he must be keeping it open for the future--as long as he approves it each time?


Interesting idea. You may be right. It just dawned on me that Eric has been paying Carter to screw Quinn for months now, he just did not know it. Eric pays Carter's salary and Carter was screwing Quinn on company time, so he was screwing her on the company dime. Carter was a prostitute the whole time. LOL And Quinn has been his "john" for months. Though Carter broke the one main rule of hooking, no kissing on the mouth. But, he is new to the profession. ;-)

Carter gotta stop sprouting I miss you I love ya stuff he’s gotta shape up quinn was sopporting her husband erics a old looney guy time to let Carter move on…..

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