Aww, Douglas wants Daddy to move in with Mommy and Beth

hopeyougogirl, 11/21/2020, 7:12PM(5 days ago) @q

LMAO. :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

One thing I know about soaps is the children always get what they want. It rarely lasts, but it always happens at least temporarily.

RJ and Will were the last 2 examples. One day Kelly and Beth will also want their parents together and each one will get their wish. :-D

Douglas is a child Bell adores. He brought back HJS and added him in the opening credits, despite the covid restrictions... that's saying a lot. Everything Douglas wants, Douglas will get.

Hope is so attached to him she would do him just to make him happy, even if she doesn't love Thomas. If her marriage to Liam goes down the toilets and he moves out, I doubt Hope will be able to say no to Douglas for long. :drunk

Soon Thomas will be living at the cabin instead of Liam, I bet. But what about Beth? I doubt Liam will ever allow his daughter anywhere near him, let alone Thomas being a stepfather. This is gonna be a mess!

BTW, why did she even stay at Thomas' apartment today? This is weird. She encourages Liam to go spend time with Steffy and then she went Thomas' to have dinner with him, I don't think she even told Liam, did she? She acted like she couldn't get rid of her husband and run to Thomas' apartment fast enough. LOL
Once she dropped off Douglas, she could have let them spending some time together, but nah she had to stay. Guess that's because Douglas asked her to stay?
Yeah, everything Douglas wants,Douglas gets. Thomas doesn't even have to brainwash and coach him this time. :rofl

AND Liam too....Douglas KNOWS Liam lives there, and he KNOWS Lope are married. :lol

If Thomas moves in with Hope, Beth AND Liam, I can see little Douglas turning into a Damien 2.0.

Begging mommy to ditch Liam for daddy, and if she says no he shoves Liam down a flight of stairs. Problem solved.

Thomas can have his wish fulfilled (Liam DEAD) without having Liam's blood on his hands.

Thomas would have free rein to be with Hope and she wouldn't even be one bit mad at Douglas and could not blame Thomas either. OOPSIE :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol


Little innocent Douglas turned into a monster Thomas Jr on a murderous spree?! :gasp :lol

Wouldn't be a surprise. Violence is in his DNA.

I think that's how talended the actor is. I'm sure HJS would rock it and be a great villain. This kid deserves an Emmy and I hope he'll get one.

Don't want him to kill anyone but I wouldn't mind him plotting to get his parents together.

The advantage is, he could do anything he wants be redeemed in a heartbeat. He is only 7 years old. All they'd need is send him away in therapy with a child psychologist and bring him back 1 month later... all cured. Nobody would judge him later when he is adult.

I agree. If done right HJS could rock it. He is a very talented young actor.

Key words.."done right" which Bell can't do IMO. The kid is definitely talented.

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