Vinny and his pills and crush (General)

by DDT, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 7:59PM (16 days ago) @ LadyMac

I totally think this is headed to a "rock bottom" where something impacts one or more of the kids. Not fatally, hopefully, but Steffy's soon-to-be "habit" will put one or more of the children in danger and someone - probably Hope and/or Liam finds them in the nick of time. That would definitely be the one thing that would snap Steffy out of it would be the thought that she endangered Kelly especially and even one of the other children.

Just a theory, but all of the "Steffy needs Kelly" and "We're helping Steffy by keeping the kids more" and Steffy's blow up with Hope about wanting Kelly back etc. make me feel like the kids will come into play before it's all said and done.

Time will tell.

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