I hate how stupid Bell thinks we are! (General Discussion)

by Curiosity12, Thursday, May 16, 2019, 2:26PM (100 days ago) @ altitude96

Watching Brooke talk today about how special Katie is and how she and Bill have always been meant to be together was cringe worthy. Bell treats his audience as if we are complete idiots. Does Bell think we have forgotten that Brooke betrayed her sister numerous times ( too numerous to remember them all) with Bill? Does he think we have forgotten the many times Brooke slept with and married her sister’s husband. The hypocrisy coming out the the mouth of the character Brooke goes beyond any other character on this show. I can barely stomach the character of Brooke on a good day, much less when Bell writes her to say the stupidest lines. He really has no respect for his audience.

I agree but it is not only Brooke that makes no sense in this scenario. Katie is equally cringeworthy forgetting her entire history with Bill and thinking one silly little test proves his undying love for her. Last but not least Bill also looks ridiculous since we are expected to forget he spewed the same lines to Steffy and Brooke just a little while ago and the only reason we are here today is because both of them turned him down.

I think Bell is just experimenting how much BS he is able to serve before viewers start tuning out en masse. It seems viewers are pretty resilient and stick around regardless which probably encourages him even more.

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