Annika WOW (General Discussion)

by hopeyougogirl, Thursday, January 10, 2019, 10:53PM (158 days ago) @ brill1

I have been watching Soaps for years so I have watched every plot these shows come up with. However, Annika performance is wonderful.
She is killing it in a great way.
Never have I felt so much grief, I know it's a show but Annika is doing such a great job and I feel the pain and sadness. I have never cried so much now it's a week and I am in tears. Once again great great job.
Mr. Bell thank you for showing us get talent. Hope is rather boring but give Annika some good material and she will surpass expectations. Amazing just amazing.

She is simply AMAZING. Bell has struck gold hiring her as Hope..she's more than proven to me that she can carry this show. Great great choice as the young heroine. I sincerely hope she gets an Emmy nom and win. :love

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