Ok, so today's show was better:) (General)

Dee8, 6/10/2021, 6:42PM (9 days ago)- one person liked this

Today was a lot better then the first 3 days of this week.
Good to see Eric and Quinn,
Paris was irritating but her conversation with Shauna was interesting and non repetitive

Zoe and Carter weren't too bad either.

I give it a solid 6:lol

Ok, so today's show was better:)

BellaSole, 6/10/2021, 7:52PM (9 days ago) @Dee8

It was better, I agree, but with the necklace Quinn received and the ring Carter gave to Zoe (again, I guess, or does she have two!), it seemed like a set up for the truth about Quinn and Carter to come out. And that's okay with me. Not a Quinn fan.


Ok, so today's show was better:)

Ilovebizzie, 6/10/2021, 8:09PM (9 days ago) @Dee8

Agreed, except I do like Paris and am not finding her irritating but protective.

Too bad she never got to know how Zoe put that herbal stuff in her drinkā€¦.

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