sod recap for tomorrow (Spoilers)

hopeyougogirl, 5/25/2023, 10:41PM(192 days ago) @Vik.

ridge admits how much he misses brooke

deacon tries to persuade brooke to give them another chance, brooke is confused, then realizes who pushed deacon to admit his love for her

taylor confesses her true feelings to ridge and asks to go to rome

later, brooke oversees a close moment between taylor and ridge and is furious that taylor broke her word

hope and rj discuss brooke and taylor's friendship

All this happens tomorrow? That's certainly a lot for where we left off with Liam and Hope today.

actually i think this recap is for next friday jun 2 cause it doesn't match the daily spoilers for tomorrow, it does match the dailies for next week though

So, Brooke witnessed her pathetic snake BFF with her own selfish agenda with Ridge, and NOT Thope kissing?:rofl :rofl

Who in this thread said anything about Thope kissing? I read all the posts and didn't see anyone bringing it up.

Not in this thread, but there were posts I read in the other spoiler thread that speculated Brooke witnesses Thope kissing.

Shown on screen, Steffy blackmailed Bill. Yet, she told Ivy (and Liam too) that “blackmail is a crime”. Per Steffy’s own words, she IS a criminal cuz she has blackmailed.

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