sod recap for tomorrow (Spoilers)

Dustyrose, 5/25/2023, 10:02PM(16 days ago) @theduchess

ridge admits how much he misses brooke

deacon tries to persuade brooke to give them another chance, brooke is confused, then realizes who pushed deacon to admit his love for her

taylor confesses her true feelings to ridge and asks to go to rome

later, brooke oversees a close moment between taylor and ridge and is furious that taylor broke her word

hope and rj discuss brooke and taylor's friendship

It will be interesting to see how Ridge reacts to Taylor admitting her feelings for him. Will he finally be clear about loving Brooke or will he be the same ole jerk telling Taylor he will always love her and keep her hanging out hope. It’s time for him to man up and let’s put the dreaded triangle to bed.

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