sod recap for tomorrow (Spoilers)

apbas88 @, 5/25/2023, 10:28PM(16 days ago) @KKLBAB12

Good, finally Brooke sees Taylor for the snake she is. I'm so glad Deacon sees thru her garbage. Sorry Taylor, he's going to be loyal to Brooke, the mother of his child. Look up that word in your psychobabel dictionary. Your photo WONT be next to it.
Why would Taylor think she would be allowed to go on a business trip for FC. She is NOT part of the company whatsoever. Finn isn't even going and he's Steffys husband. Taylor is not involved in HFTF either. Her children are adults and don't need her to conduct business.
Professing her high school love for Ridge....Isn't that sweet? Makes u want to ask for a Barf Bag.

What does that have to do with anything?

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