My prediction for the Lope/Thomas story.

Dreamgirl, 3/18/2023, 4:10PM(399 days ago) @Tiqui1999

What I would Iike is if it wasn’t always Liam that Bell has mess up. Liam has been in a good place with Hope and his girls for quite some time now. Hope and Liam could have mini-downs but something else and bigger gets in the way, this time.

Liam quietly said to Hope, twice, that he will always be there for her, as he held her. It was so quiet and subtle. What is Bill mixed up in or Sheila or something else?

But, I doubt it will go a different route than a repeat mess up by Liam. Bell, surprise me and switch it up. I may only be one viewer but you would get this viewer to return to the show.

I don't like all the supposed mess-ups being on Liam. Hope acted very indignant about his feelings last week and I didn't appreciate it.

I didn’t care for how those scenes played out either, with Hope disregarding Liam’s feelings (which has been going on for quite some time).

It has. And he has sucked it up and done things her way time and time again for her "career." I just want her to tell me if she's willing to sacrifice her marriage for her "career." She apparently is because she ain't working that hard to find somewhere else to continue her "career" and "message." And she sounds full of herself when she talks about how important they are. JMO. I know many won't agree, but there it is.

I am co-signing your post.

I want Liam to take Beth and start a new life.

That might be what it takes to snap Hope out of it and make her see there are more important things than a damn clothing line and "message."

This is not necessarily a response to your post as much as it is an idle thought, but has it even occured to anyone on the show that maybe times have changed and that's why Hopes message and line isn't doing as well now as before? Maybe Hope needs to regroup herself and reword her message and get a fresh new look for her line? Why is no one bringing up the fact that Thomas was not always the designer for HFTF and yet it still did well? This is such silly writing.

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