My prediction for the Lope/Thomas story.

Tiqui1999 @, 3/18/2023, 4:43PM(9 days ago) @hopeyougogirl

What I would Iike is if it wasn’t always Liam that Bell has mess up. Liam has been in a good place with Hope and his girls for quite some time now. Hope and Liam could have mini-downs but something else and bigger gets in the way, this time.

Liam quietly said to Hope, twice, that he will always be there for her, as he held her. It was so quiet and subtle. What is Bill mixed up in or Sheila or something else?

But, I doubt it will go a different route than a repeat mess up by Liam. Bell, surprise me and switch it up. I may only be one viewer but you would get this viewer to return to the show.

I don't like all the supposed mess-ups being on Liam. Hope acted very indignant about his feelings last week and I didn't appreciate it.

same, as if hope hasn't messed up already with all her back and forth with thomas, telling liam one thing then doing another, taking his daughter, the same daughter that thomas kept from him, doing what thomas asks and keeping things from liam like the 'almost kiss' that she said nothing about until everything hit the fan

Liam is free to leave this marriage if he's unhappy with Hope. But deep down, he knows HE'S the one that has done far more screw ups compared to his wife..he KNOWS his wife ain't running around having an adulterous sex, gets knocked up by Thomas, gets pregnant don't know who's the baby daddy, then kept all of this a secret from Liam.

Marriage ain't a score card of who did the most screw ups. I hope he does decide that Hope is married to her career instead of him and I hope he does leave.

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