Brooke Got a Big Fat Reality Check

matisse, 9/22/2022, 11:27PM(1 day, 22 hours, 17 min. ago) @takerkid- one person liked this

All that tells me is his love for Brooke is unhealthy and he needs to be with Taylor.

Maybe he needs to be alone. Because I don't think being with his safe choice is going to do him any good. And, all it is going to teach his nasty middle aged children is, bullying works, so keep bullying people when you want to take something from them. This was not the way to do Tridge, it is now tainted, and they no longer have any chemistry. What they had is now stale. IMO. Who really seriously wants to watch them do the deed, knowing how it all came about, his telling Brooke she is all he wants, the nasty Hamilton's manipulating him, all of it is forced and does not bode well for Tridge at all.

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