Brooke Got a Big Fat Reality Check

prime ⌂, Knoxville Tenn., 9/22/2022, 11:16PM(1 day, 22 hours, 55 min. ago) @Dreamgirl

He's not conflicted but yet he's flirting with Taylor every other day. Ok.

Have you met Ridge? She's letting him, so why not?:neutral He thinks he's made it clear to her that he's staying with Brooke and yet she's ok with all this touchy feely behaviour from him. So he's ok with it too, lol. He treats her affectionately, like his ex and the mother of his kids. I'll believe he's conflicted if he actually tells her he is. Or even something ambiguous, like, in different circumstances we would be together, or I would love to be with you but I can't leave Brooke as she has done nothing to deserve it. Anything. Certainly not "Brooke is my wife and I want to be married to her"! That's as far from conflicted as it can get, lol.

Seriously. Taylor is getting all the affection a loyal puppy would get. I'm surprised Ridge hasn't patted Taylor on the head...and tossed her a treat yet.

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