Brooke Got a Big Fat Reality Check

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Ridge found out what Sheila did and it still took him three weeks and Brooke breaking her foot for him to move back from Eric's. He still hasn't put his wedding ring back on. Ridge doesn't know what he wants.

Maybe he has gotten too bloated from all the sunshine being pumped up his rear, by the Hamilton Gang, and he cannot get the ring back on his swollen finger. LOL

The reason it took him 3 weeks to go back wasn't because he was conflicted between Brooke and Taylor. Ridge said it on the show himself; he didn't know if he could continue living the life he and Brooke had, with constant issues and misunderstandings. Of course he conveniently left out the fact that half the time he was the one creating issues and the other half someone was manipulating them. Even when Taylor was chasing him, bringing his favourite food, going to FC with backless dresses etc, I never saw him conflicted. Not once. The only time he wanted Taylor was when he thought Brooke kissed Deacon of her own volition and he thought he was done with her. From the moment he found out it was not Brookes fault, he has known exactly where he stands.

Ugh, again, I hate that I'm defending Ridge :roll

Revolting isn't it? But this point Ridge can't really even be accused of leading Taylor on...pretty much all of their contact is initiated by Taylor herself or their brats. This great love he has for Taylor, is something that exists only in Taylor, and the brats own heads. If the brats would butt out...this whole thing would die down in a heartbeat.

This Groundhogs Day has been going on so long I cannot remember if Ridge has ever initiated any of these Forrester Family Soirees or not? In fact, has he ever sought out these people on his own just to hang out with them? Has Ridge gone to Taylor's office to hang out and make small talk with her? Deacon has gone to her office, so I know they could quickly make the set. Has Ridge showed up at Steffy's when Taylor is alone and brought her favorite food that he drove 40 miles to get? Has Ridge ever told her or asked her if she is ready for him to come back to her? Has he told Taylor he is conflicted? I know he had no trouble when THEY were married telling her he was conflicted about his feelings for Brooke.

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