Ridge will deal with Thomas

Barbybo, 5/14/2022, 3:32AM(11 days ago) @cranberryboy- one person liked this

BINGO on all counts.

Unfortunately. I always thought Taylor was the biggest hypocrite on the show but Ridge has turned out to be the hugest hypocrite on the show. I wish Brooke would stop pining for his sorry inflated ego ass and have fun dating. When was the last time we saw Brooke laugh? When was the last time Brooke had fun? Ridge only brings her cheating and misery. She deserves to have a man who loves her 100% and brings fun and laughter and happiness into her life. Ridge doesn't do that.

Deacon could. :rofl

Bridge breaks up makes up they are stale…..Brookes now a budinski bittie ….budinskis never laugh they roll eyes and stir pots…she’s mopey and whiney now…..oh please why waste deacon on Brooke …give him new …

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