Spoiler for Next Week (Spoilers)

Rena @, Landover, MD, 1/14/2022, 10:02AM(316 days ago) @PatriotGirl

Next week:
Brooke is thrown for a loop when Deacon admits that he is head over heels in love with her and wants a future with her.

Saw this coming a mile away. :lol. Is Brooke going to actually think about it or toss the sleaze out on his ass? I wonder if she tells Ridge about it or keeps another secret. :gasp

I highly doubt she comes clean although it makes no sense to keep it a secret. She already told Hope that Deacon is no longer welcome in her home so just tell Ridge that Deacon has feelings for her so she told him that he was no longer welcome in the main house. The expressions on Ridge's face yesterday says that he thinks that there is something Brooke is not saying.

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