The rumor mill on BRIDGE and Hope and Wyatt

Riley, 11/25/2021, 9:34AM(61 days ago) @BBDownunder

Lies, lies, lies. A Brooke's/KKL hater obviously.

she is just going off what TK said in an interview and what Annika said

Like I said before, there is no interview where TK said anything like that.

And why is anyone even wondering that Bell isn't listening to what actors say in interviews? Even if AN would actually like to see Hope and Wyatt revisited, what if DB and/or KB were against the idea? Who should Bell listen to then? Or what if SC was against taking Kelly's paternity away from Liam? Should Bell still do it just because DD has been vocal about it?

If Bell ever started to cater to an actor's wishes just because they have talked about their preferences in interviews, other actors would expect him to do the same for them. And there's no way that all their ideas about what they want for their characters would match. It's simply not possible to base a soap on what the actors want. If they aren't happy about the writing, they can always quit. No one is forcing them to do a job they don't like. And what if fans want the exact opposite of what an actor wants for the character? That would make it even more complicated.

Of course actors are free to make suggestions and voice their preferences as long as they are not bashing their co-workers or other characters. But fans criticizing Bell for not listening to the actors is a sign of being totally out of touch with the reality of making a soap work.

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