was that a setup?

Barbybo, 10/14/2021, 7:30AM(483 days ago) @viennagirl

did thomas set up that whole thing so that paris would 'accidentally' end up living with him or was the sale really cancelled?


I want to give Thomas the chance to have changed - so at the moment I go with "It is as the texts told Thomas".

I just wonder how they will now deal with the situation.

Will he take the offer back?

Will Paris offer to move out?

Will they live there together?

Will Thomas move in with Eric?
Is Zende still living with Eric?
Will Paris then end up there too? (moving in with Zende, or ending up there as Thomas' girlfriend after some months of waffling)

No. Thomas stays at his place but so does Paris. They celebrate them being room mates on Thursday.

Why would Thomas move to Eric's if he already owns Vinny's place? The proper thing is Paris would leave. Even if Thomas Says they BOTH can live there, that's not the right thing at all and her dumbself should know that! It's not like Thomas moved to the house for awhile, while Paris lived there. Thomas plan fell through so that means so does Paris plan. It's not complex.

That's a similar apartment (maybe in the same apartment complex as Vinny's) but it isn't the apartment where Vinny lived.
There are/ were two apartments that look/looked very similar (but had different couches, chairs, floors).

Zoe has moved into Vinny's apartment in fall/winter 2019.

Thomas has been shown living in his apartment since last summer (2020). (the scenes with the mannequin)

But Zoe (and Paris) only had to move out of Vinny's (former) apartment this year.

ITA that Paris should just move out again and back in with her friend (or her boyfriend).

Why would she live with another man? But that is B&B, so I am not sure she will to the obvious.

Thomas apartment:
CBS picture of Thomas' apartment
posted in this SID article:
SID article

Vinny's /Zoe's apartment:

CBS twitter picture

If paris is so wonderful why ain’t she making enough money to rent on her own? Maybe she needs a new job ..why aren’t her and Zende moving in together I mean she hardly knows tom..it’s a small apartment tight quarters ..toms rich why is he living in that dump? Maybe paris needs a raise

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