was that a setup?

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No …he got the sale info on his phone…he could not have made that happen just when Paris was there. What I don’t know is this sublet paperwork since that would state the rent…Thomas said he’d cover it…she said no she will pay her way because she’s so fortunate…suddenly….not before when Zoe left…but now she is…anyway…how can she pay what Thomas paid for the place? Granted it isn’t much of a place by Forrester and Spencer standards and it had been Vinny’s before so maybe the rent is manageable.

Money wasn't the sole issue then.

Paris was paying for a hotel, when Steffy offered Paris to move in.

Paris was looking for an apartment in a special part of LA, that still wouldn't be too expensive.

Zoe's apartment really had been Vinny's apartment, who let Zoe move in when Vinny moved in with his girlfriend.
That apartment might have fulfilled Paris' expectations, but the lease had been up.

( Has Zoe been a tenant or just the subtenant?)


But yes, Paris is a girl with unbelievable luck, when she always can just move in, always gets a home offered (and her boyfriend has offered already several times that she could move in with Zende).

But Zoe too had been offered a home by Thomas, who first offered up Vinny's apartment, when Vinny at that time was staying at his girlfriends.

Paris: [ Sighs ] Well, it was a curve ball when Zoe decided she wasn’t gonna come back to la, so everything’s fallen on me. I have to vacate her apartment, put all of her stuff in storage, and find my own place.
And, you know, it’s just been hard, especially because la is so expensive, especially on the west side where I’d like to be. And I don’t know. I just kind of like a vagabond, living with my life in the trunk of my car.

Finn: Are you still in the apartment?
Paris: No, I left. Now, I’m in a hotel.
Steffy: You’re in a hotel?
Paris: Yeah, but it’s only until I find a place.
Steffy: Paris, would you like to stay with us?
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