These Busybodies Are In for Shock

Tiqui1999 @, 9/15/2021, 2:30PM(440 days ago) @FataMorgana

And I better not here a single one of them fix their lips to say a darn thing about it. As long as it works for Eric, Quinn, and Carter that's all that matters.

Especially from Katie who practically pulled the same thing on Bill and Brooke. I haven't forgotten she asked her sister and her husband to start a relationship because she couldn't be a good wife to Bill. Bell is a one trick pony!

You mean when she sent Bill divorce papers and left her ring in an envelope? Back when she thought she'd die?

She was not dying. She had PDD because of her pregnancy, and simply decided she would leave
Eric is doing te same dumb thing because of his ego.

I never said she was dying. I said she "thought" she was. She thought her heart was going to fail. She almost died on in delivery and I think that made her think her heart would fail and she'd leave Bill alone with WIll. Yes, it was her PPD.

And yes, you are right. It does appear that Eric's SL mirrors that one, and in the same token, it'll probably be in his head, too.

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