Was this a one night only offer? (Spoilers)

Tiqui1999 @, 9/15/2021, 12:05AM(11 days ago) @theduchess

i don't think it was a one night only offer, i also think we're past the point where he won't forgive, he's already forgiven them and has made it clear that he knows how they feel about each other, he said they don't need to hide it anymore and in fact wants to encourage it

what i do think it's leading to is everyone else finding out about the arrangement, eric covers for quinn with katie because he knows that she's with carter, but unbeknownst to him ridge is having her followed

eric thinks the family were in his face before, well wait until this news comes out, they will all be telling him he deserves better and better will be donna

after yesterday's dialogue and the posts today from the show and jg, i think donna and eric will be getting another chance

Maybe not, but when Eric "covers" for Quinn with Katie, it doesn't mean he knew about what Quinn and Carter might be doing or that the condones it. The spoiler doesn't say Eric covers for Carter and Quinn.

They supposedly give into passion on Monday. We have TBA for Tuesday, and Eric covers on Wednesday. Would Carter and Quinn be in the office screwing at the end of Monday, the entire Tuesday, and into Wednesday to have it so Eric has to cover for them? Maybe. But cover where? I hope not at the office if they are having sex for an entire episode again. Spoilers aren't always exact, so we'll have to see.

I feel the family can tell Eric until they are blue in the face that he deserves better but until he knows he can have sex again, I don't see why he wouldn't keep with this arrangement. I don't know what will happen to make him decide to go to Donna, but they are leaning that way.

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