These Busybodies Are In for Shock

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That doesn't even sound like Eric, so I doubt he'll do that. My hope is they'll expose that Carter and Quinn did it behind Eric's back after they told him they wouldn't. We'll see.

I don't see where the Logan sisters did anything so reprehensible. Sisters gossip if they're close. I have two, one older and one younger (so I guess I'm Donna! LOL), and we gossip when we are together. We aren't malicious people and don't harass others, but we do talk about them. I think everyone does.

Yes, they did call Eric pretty late, I guess, at least for him. But if he didn't want to talk, he could have let his phone go to voicemail. That's what I do. It's easy.

I, too, hope that Justin and Ridge, and well as the Logan sisters, will expose Carter and Quinn and what they did behind Eric's back after they both promised him they would not be together. Both Carter and Quinn deserve to burn in the fires of Hades. I hope they do. It would make this entire sick SL worth watching.

I agree with what you're saying, but I don't think they called him late. They were still at work. It was after dinner time. That's about all we know for sure. Yeah, he went to bed early, but look at what he'd just left downstairs. I think that's probably why. If it was too late for him to get calls, he wouldn't have answered it.

Katie just had a call from Tokyo. I remember when Eric also took international calls. He might still. I don't see why it was late for him just because he went to bed early so Carter could rock Quinn's world.

Thanks, Tiqui. I thought of that after I posted. It was probably only eight, nine, not late at all.

Yes, and usually people do ask if it's too late to call as a courtesy, but the answer to that is up to the person they asked. Brooke said she hoped she wasn't calling too late, he said, "No, no, no." So that's what I'm going with.

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