SOD Spoilers next week (Spoilers)

harper1, 6/10/2021, 10:19PM(9 days ago) @BBDownunder

Thomas is stunned after his confrontation with Liam.
-Bill lashes out at Justin and Wyatt.
-An emotional Steffy visits Liam in jail.
-Quinn is shocked when Carter suggests they come clean.
Quinn asks Paris to keep quiet

SOD Dailies

Tuesday, June 15
Liam asks Thomas for a favor and Thomas tells Hope about it.

Wednesday, June 16
Hope tells Liam not to give up.

Friday, June 18
Thomas wants to help Hope navigate her future.

Bet I can guess what Liam's favor is. :rofl Kelly will be just fine, although Steffy is probably worried about her not getting to see her dad for the foreseeable future. Step-daddy Finn will make sure she's well taken care of. :love

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