Did Brooke cheat on Eric?

Viola, 5/16/2021, 1:21PM(32 days ago) @LadyMac

Firstly Brooke isn't a cold-blooded lunatic who kidnaps, rapes and murders people in cold-blood.
- She never kidnapped and raped an amnesiac guy for months.
- She doesn't push people off cliffs, roofs or bridges with intent to kill them.
- She never tried to choke someone to death.
- She doesn't poison people with arsenic or spikes their drinks with drugs or alcohol.
- She never tried to roast someone in a steam room.
- She never forged a sword with the intention to stab someone to death.

Mostly, she isn't a calculative, manipulative person who maliciously hurts people, unlike Quinn. She is a protective mother like Quinn and if someone hurts or attacks her children, she will fight back, but what Quinn did for Wyatt, she certainly never did for Bridget or Hope or Rick...
So, she can judge Quinn all she wants as far as I am concerned. Now both Quinn and Brooke are serial cheaters but only one is a dangerous criminal and unstable sociopath.

To answer your question... Brooke and Eric were married twice. The second one was just a marriage of conveniance, it wasn't even consummated. Nobody cheated. They both agreed to get an annulment and were ok with it.

In the first marriage, Brooke slept with Ridge after she received a letter from "Eric" informing her their marriage was over because he still loved Stephanie and wanted to reunite with her. Brooke and Ridge slept on the floor of the lab and were filmed by cameras. Later it turned out Eric wasn't the person who wrote the letter. It was forged by Stephanie. Kind of like Thomas copied Caroline's handwriting. Stephanie forged a letter with Eric's signature and sent it to Brooke. It was clearly a calculated manipulation from a desperate, bitter ex-wife. Brooke and Ridge felt awful about it. Later, Brooke got pregnant and Sheila and her complicit Mike tampered with the paternity test results. When the results indicated Ridge was Bridget's father, Brooke and Eric got an annulment. They never really got back together after this, anyway they never had sex again. 3 years later it turned out Eric was Bridget's dad but he and Brooke never tried again, despite 2 children.

Clearly apples and oranges with what's happening with Quinn now. Nobody forged a letter with Eric's handwriting informing Quinn he is ending his marriage and going back to Brooke or Donna. Nobody manipulated them, and Quinn's ongoing affair with Carter already goes beyond Bridge's lab sex. Quinn sexed her husband's friend several times already,... no excuse, no manipulation, no misunderstanding, and now she is also lying to him and agreed to take this secret to her grave. She cheated on her husband and betrayed her new friend Zoe several times. Brooke and Eric were done for good after her betrayal so if there is any logic Quinn and Eric should be over for good after all these romps with Carter. If Eric forgives Quinn it will just show how biased BBell is and how he doesn't respect history...

Anyone who screws her sister is the pitts to me....especialy with a child involved...

Well rain replied to your post about Brooke cheating on Eric, but if you want to go there now then Ridge slept with his fathers and brothers women so he and Brooke are a good match and they are still better than crazy Quinn.

And don't forget that Taylor had a full on relationship with the love of her daughter's life. Then she handed Rick off to Steffy.

Yes and after that happened Thomas lied to everyone that he slept with Brooke and Taylor attacked Brooke calling her disgusting or something like that :drunk Now that's ironic...

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