Did Brooke cheat on Eric?

TeamWivyQueric, 5/16/2021, 9:27AM(34 days ago) @Barbybo- one person liked this


Brooke has been involved in many different forms of cheating through the years and with various male in-laws.

That’s why Brooke should have never been transformed into the humorless judgmental shrew of a character that she has become. It simply does not work. If they wanted Brooke to grow and mature they should have made her a kind, compassionate, empathetic person hesitant to judge anyone too harshly based on the slew of “mistakes” and countless times she’s had to beg for forgiveness. Instead they seem to be trying to make her Stephanie light and it does not work at all. She and Stephanie hated each other for years until Susan Flannery was leaving the show and they decided to rewrite history. None of it works for me at all.

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