Whodunit speculation (Spoilers)

naintednancy, 4/7/2021, 9:58PM(4 days ago)

Bell called it a whodunit mystery so we know someone else besides Liam/Bill will be guilty in the end. It isn't a whodunit mystery if the story ends there and there isn't more.

Bill will be guilty of the coverup but logically the charges should be dropped if someone else pushed Vinny under the car or left his half-dead body on the road.
Ultimately Liam is only guilty of not reporting the crime (if he keeps quiet)

My guess is he will struggle for a while. Bill will pressure him to keep his mouth shut if he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life behind bars. At first he will reluctantly agree to keep quiet, but the guilt will consume him.

In 2 weeks from now a spoiler says Baker suspects someone. I bet it will be Thomas. Given his dark past, everyone will think he ran over Vinny on his way home, when he brought Douglas.
Today he just said Vinny is dead for him. Brooke and Hope will think it's him.

Thomas will be arrested and that's when Liam will decide to tell the truth (unaware someone else was involved) He won't want Thomas to pay for something he didn't do.

Liam goes to prison for a while. Hope is devastated. She feels guilty for thinking it was Thomas, and she thinks Liam will be in jail for years and there is nothing she can do. Vulnerable Hope gets closer to Thomas. She lets him move in with her and Douglas. One thing leads to another.

In a few weeks from now, new clues are revealed. The autopsy reveals Vinny had other deadly injuries that weren't caused by the car crash. They also find his cellphone and find new informations.

In the end, I think more and more the villain may be Finn. If it isn't Liam or Thomas, Finn is the logical choice.
- He has the biggest motive (Vinny tried to rob him of his baby)
- Both TN and Bell hinted the character MAY have a dark past.
- Vinny hated him. When they thought Liam was the daddy, Vinny told Thomas Steffy was dodging a bullet. But is wasn't revealed why Vinny had such a negative opinion about him. There has to be some dark secrets somewhere!

In the beginning it will be said Finn was at the hospital when Vinny died, but it will be revealed he wasn't. When Finn learnt Vinny was released on bail, he saw red. He followed Vinny. They had a fight. He hit him. He left him for dead by the wayside. A while later Bill's car ran over him while he was laying on the ground.

Liam is proved innocent and released, but he finds out Hope moved on with Thomas while he was in jail. Steffy can't forgive Finn for killing someone and framing the father of her child.

Hope has feelings for Thomas but feels guilty for not supporting Liam, she is torn. Liam wants to be there for a devastated pregnant Steffy but he also wants Hope back. Steffy will also be torn between her 2 babies fathers. In other words, everyone will waffle.

In the meantime it will be revealed Quinn is Finn's mother. A down the road spoiler for Quinn says she has a new man in her life and struggles to do the right thing. She will find out Finn is her son.

She will become obsessed with him like she was with Wyatt. She will do anything to help him get away with his crime and keep Steffy and the baby. It will reignite the rivalry between Liam and Quinn and cause more angst for Quinn and Eric.

Just my wild speculation of course. :-)

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